Monday, 16 April 2012

Super Mario Bros. to be Recreated in LEGO

LEGO artist Zachary Pollock is looking to recreate the entire Super Mario Bros level 1-1 in LEGO.

The first of 60 boards.
He is asking fans to make this dream come true and help him fund this project. Pollock is using Kickstarter to raise $26,400 to pay for bricks, as well as materials for mounting the bricks on.

The project has two main goals, to inspire a new generation of LEGO fans, as well as to help test the waters for a LEGO based healing art project working with children.

Once the project has been completed it will be taking a 12 month tour to exhibitions such as Bricks Cascade in Portland and the BrickCon Expo in Seatle, as well as to  conventions such as PAX and Comic Con.

<Source: boingboing>

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