Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Ocarina of Time Glitch Allows for 25 Minute Completion

Considered by many to be one of the gaming industry's crowning achievements, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 has led to many a Zelda fan devoting hour after hour into the game. One eager Japanese fan has managed to find an obscure glitch allowing him to initially skip the first dungeon, skip becoming Adult link, and ultimately complete the entire game as Young Link in approximately 24 minutes. How he managed to do this can be seen in the video above and be sure to pay close attention to the 5:20 mark and especially the 15:30 mark.

While the video is nothing short of amazing, I find myself a little saddened to see a game that I put so much work into as a teenager being obliterated in a mere 25 minutes. Of course, I'll never forget the hours spent fishing for the Roach, chasing Poes around around Hyrule field on my trusty stead Epona, and diving into the Gerudo Valley, just for fun.

By the way, I'm Michael, and I'll be helping Emma keep this blog up-to-date while she continues to concentrate with her promising craft-work. Hit the jump to find out a little more about me and why I'm here.

<Source: GoNintendo>

My name's Michael Westgarth and I've been Emma's boyfriend for the past three years and we live together in our new flat, after recently emigrating to the Netherlands. While Emma ismostly focused on her hand-crafts as her main form of entertainment, creativity and, hopefully, income, I am a writer. I've been a not-so-regular writer of my own blog, Sega MikeyDrive, which showcases my love of retro games and my retro gaming collection. For the last few months I have been writing short news reports as well as reviews for a Sega-orientated fan site, Sega-Addicts, which I thoroughly enjoy. My goal is to spread my name about and ultimately secure some sort of paid position where I can write all day every day.

Emma is really proud of the following she had accumulated on her main blog, EveningEmma. She appreciates every view and every comment made on her work, and is so very happy whenever she gets a new follower. Saying this, she has a lot of interests other than hand-crafts that she would like to share with her followers, hence Kung Pow Pixel. I agreed to help her make sure that this blog has regular posts and that is what I hope to do and I cherish the opportunity to report the more quirky bits of gaming news that appear on the web as opposed to the somewhat doom-and-gloom Sega news I report on at Sega-Addicts.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and hope to read your comments and feedback in the usual place, the comments below. Cheers.


  1. Hiya Michael & Emma,
    Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog about games and I enjoy looking at Emma's crafts. We have a lot in common, my family is from Limburg - where you live, I've got a British boyfriend - you're both British, my boyfriend and I both love gaming, I cross stitch a lot and my boyfriend is a writer and my name is Emma as well.
    Oh, and Michael, in your post you said that you've been Emma's girlfriend, think you mean boyfriend;)
    Have a nice day, hope to see more posts soon!

    1. The similarities are so great in number, I suspect you may actually be my Emma in disguise...

      Emma has mentioned you to me before, and she's very happy to know that she was able to inspire someone to start a blog and stitch, stitch, stitch! I'm glad you enjoy the blog as well, thank you for your comments.

      And err, oh shame, yeah I meant boyfriend, thanks for highlighting that.

    2. Haha, no I'm not. I was telling my boyfriend about all the similarities this weekend and first I thought it was stupid to say something about to you and Emma, but then I thought 'what the hell'. There are - of course - differences, we live in Amsterdam and we're a bit younger - not much and my boyfriend writes fiction. Do you have like a photo or list of games you have in your collection? My boyfriend would like to see what kind of games you have.

    3. For the most comprehensive list of games that I own, I'll need to direct you towards my Backloggery page, which itself is not 100% up-to-date and doesn't take into account the games Emma owns:

      As for photos, I've still never had all of my games out on display at the same time, and the best I can offer you is a rummage through my own personal blog where many pictures can be found:

      Thanks again for your comments, please feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

  2. "One eager Japanese fan"

    I'm not Japanese lol, and neither is ZFG. :p