Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kirby 20th Anniversary Compilation Disc for Wii

For Kirby's 20th birthday Nintendo is releasing a compilation disk of Kirby games for the Wii.

Although there's been no news from Nintendo regarding which games will be on the disk, we can imagine it will be chocked full of the best of Kirby's adventures.

I personally am very excited about this news, because I love the little pink ball of cute that is Kirby, but have not had much opportunity to play many of the games he stars in. What about you?

<Source: Nintendolife>

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  1. That's nice to know! I'm not very familiar with Kirby, but I've got Kirby Classic which I like a lot. Have fun playing Kirby games! I just started playing Pokémon Emerald (just caught a shiny Marill^^)!