Friday, 27 April 2012

Sonic: What the Fans Think

Sonic the Hedgehog as a character and a series has an infamous legion of devout followers which are always the first to buy up any Sonic related the game, and always the first to criticise it. I myself am an avid Sonic fan and have accepted that Sonic's glory days are over, although that's not to say that a second era of Sonic greatness may well be on its way. Even so, it amazes me just ho much time and energy Sonic fans will go to to highlight this fact with, admittedly, very humorous results.

Hit the jump to see two peculiar Sonic videos I have stumbled across recently that I would like to share with you all.

First up is the somewhat depressing video by Youtube user 3noneTwo above of a tired and desperate Sonic running to the iconic Chariots of Fire, with a merciful conclusion.

Secondly is the above youtube video by hotdiggedydemon which has a bit of a twist over the first, with a Sonic that simply has too much attitude and speed to contain himself, also with a merciful conclusion.

Of course, these two videos are clearly answers to the fantastic Dumb Running Sonic "project" which I implore you all to at least glance over. It's pretty clear to me that gaming mascot fans do not come any more die-hard than Sonic fans, these fans take their frustration of a lack of good Sonic games out directly on the lovable blue blur. I don't mind though, because it all so gosh-darn funny. Enjoy.

<Source: The Sonic Stadium>

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