Monday, 28 May 2012

MillenniYUM Falcon

The Millennium Falcon never looked so delectable.

This chocolate, and many more, were made by chocolatier André Murrai.

Forget a box of Belgian seashells for Valentine's Day, I want a box of these next year!

.<Source: Geekologie>

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Rumour: Retro Studios to Develop Star Fox/ Metroid Wii U Cross-Over

A rumour has been spreading over the internet that Retro Studios, developer of the fantastic Metroid Prime trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns, will be working on a Star Fox/ Metroid cross over game for the upcoming Wii U titled Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga. This is a rumour, however, that Nintendo of America has denied.

This rumour originated from the Paul Gate Network, whom claimed that Retro Studios were looking to make a new Star Fox game as well as a third-person sci-fi action game potentially utilising a new IP, however Nintendo suggested to combine the two concepts for the Wii U, throwing intergalactic bounty-hunter Samus Aran into the mix. This game will, apparently, feature a mix of first-person action with Samus, third-person gameplay with Fox and then some sort of flight mode involving both characters.

I for one can't see this happening. The two game series have always been of two very different styles which I cannot see merging. Metroid has dark and atmospheric environments with a challenging helping of exploration and brutally difficult boss battles. Star Fox has always had a faced-paced, somewhat light-hearted and almost arcadey gameplay, aside from Star Fox Adventures, which was hardly an intensive gaming experience.

The only way I can see this working is if the story elements of both series were watered down and the gameplay was simplified so that even a child could play. If the game is indeed going to be an early Wii U game then it could be expected to contain a wealth of gimmicks to play off the Wii U's crazy controller. Star Fox's reputation has not been worth worrying about for some time now, but after Metroid: Other M a hypothetical game like the one described above would run the Metroid series into the ground, and I personally do not want to see that. No one ever does, just look at Link's Crossbow Training.

<Source: Digital Spy>

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sonic 4 Episode II: First Impressions

The game has come out and the dust has now settled. Many, many Sonic fans held their breath as they turned on their consoles, downloaded the game and continued the Mega Drive-esque adventure Sega had promised. We at Kung Pow Pixel have now finished the game cooperatively and separately and our opinions of the game are starting to form and solidify. This site's clearly not about formal reviews, but we thought it might be nice to share our personal opinions on the new game for those who might want a second opinion before opening their wallets.

So, for those who are interested, hit the jump to hear what we think of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birthday Gaming Goodies

Image Source: Vooks

After the queen's birthday came my birthday, with more gaming goodies.

Unfortunately it wasn't the awesome GameCube cake pictured above, but I did receive some games I've been looking to get for some time.

 Click through to see which fantastic games my boyfriend picked out for me.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queen's Day Bargain Hunt

April 30th is the official birthday of the Dutch queen, it is called 'Koninginnedag' (Queen's Day), and on this day it is tradtional for flea markets to be held all over the country. There was one near us in Donderberg,  Roermond, so I made my way down there in the hope of snagging some gaming goodies.

It appears that in the Netherlands gaming did not really take off until the GameCube/PS2/Xbox generation. Occassionally we see the odd PSX/PSOne at fleamarkets, but it is rare to see anything older. At this year's Koninginnedag it was not much different, GameCube games being the stand out items at the market, where I picked up five quality titles for the bargain price of 10 Euros.

I'm pretty chuffed with the titles I picked up as there were some future classics there, which I never would have expected to find.

Click through to check them out!