Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birthday Gaming Goodies

Image Source: Vooks

After the queen's birthday came my birthday, with more gaming goodies.

Unfortunately it wasn't the awesome GameCube cake pictured above, but I did receive some games I've been looking to get for some time.

 Click through to see which fantastic games my boyfriend picked out for me.

Kirby's Adventure is the first game I ever played on the NES, before I even really knew what the NES was. When I was younger I used to pay this game at a friend's house and since becoming the owner of a NES a couple of years ago I've been on the look out for it. 

Yoshi's Cookie is a game I've wanted since my Michael made me play a ROM of it a couple of years ago, because he thought I'd like it. I do, the mix of the cute Yoshi and simple puzzle fun make it a nice little game to pick up when there's time to waste. I must admit to finishing it the day after receiving it, but that won't stop me from playing it again.

Tetris DX is another game I've been on the lookout for, as it actually saves your highscores, unlike the original Tetris on the Game Boy. It also has some different music, which is not quite as repetative as it is with most Tetris games, and three other modes alongside the original 'Marathon' mode, those modes being 'Ultra', where you have to score as much as possible in 3 minutes; 40 Lines, where you clear 40 lines as quickly as possible; and Vs Com, in which you have to beat the computer by clearing lines. This game I've played the most so far, because someone called Ingrid got all the highscores before me and I have to beat them all.

Wario Ware, Inc. is actually not a game I'd been looking for, but still one I was very happy to receive. I've only ever played WarioWare Smooth Moves on the Wii before, and this one is just as good.

So, thank you Michael for getting me these games! He knows what I like.


  1. Congratulations! Have fun with your new games! When was your birthday exactly? After the queen's birthday, my boyfriend's birthday came up as well, just two days after. Another similar thing... When's your boyfriend's birthday?

    1. Thanks! My birthday was the 9th. Michael's birthday is in August.

    2. Ok. If Michael's birthday was in October it would've been creepy...